Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Orphan Face

Whenever Melissa has a dirty face Jon calls her an orphan baby. It's inevitable that she will get messy while she is eating but it's the clean up that gets me every time! No matter how well I scrub her face I always seem to miss a part. Now whenever we see kids at church or at the store and they have a messy face we start to chuckle and say orphan face!
No matter clean or dirty, she is still the cutest baby ever!


Sarah Smiles said...

Orphan face, thats funny ;). Thats one cute baby you've got there (not that I had to tell you that, lol).

Jenny said...

oh my goodness, that second picture of her is so cute i just want to squeeze her cheeks! i remember before i had children i VOWED never to have one of those kids with messy faces. little did i know that ALL kids have messy faces most of the time. NOW i know. Plus, it looks good on them.

The Hanson Family said...

She just keeps getting more and more cute every day! I love that girl!