Monday, June 30, 2008

She's Finally Here!

SO it's been way too long since I wrote but I have been a little busy. After much protest, I finally have in and was induced on Friday, June 20. At 6:30am, we arrived at the hospital and became situated. At 7:30 they started the pitocin, which worked very well. By 10am I had my epidural (and can I just say how wonderful that is!) At 11:30am, I was 100% effaced and dilated to a 3. I figured we would be there for awhile and Dr Maxwell felt that I would give birth between 4 and 5pm. Well at 3:30pm they finally checked me again and I was already a 9! Holy cow, it's time! I just didn't expect it to go that fast. I got an extra boost of the epidural and then it was time to start pushing. I pushed her out in an hour and a half. Much to everyone's surprise she weighed in at 9lbs and 14oz! We are so excited to be a family and to have her home! She is such a wonderful baby! She never cries, even when she is hungry (which did cause a small problem) or needs to be changed and she sleeps so well. Stacie posted pictures of our photo shoot on Saturday. She did such an amazing job!!!!

Here is her first picture with mommy!
And with Daddy!

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Beautiful Cankles

So, since Thursday, I have been on the go as much as I can be. Jon was in a small car accident on Monday on his way home from work (no worries, everyone is fine and it wasn't his fault) so we have been down to one car which means I had to do all of my errands in two days time (which is difficult these days). Then, Friday night we had our first annual Eldredge fireside. Very successful but very hot. It was so nice to come home and lay in my own bed!

Then, Saturday and Sunday we have been doing little projects here and there trying to get stuff done before baby Melissa comes. And then of course, Sunday brings church. So, Saturday I had been on my feet most of the day, not eating well or drinking enough and around 11 I sat down on the floor after standing for about 10 minutes and saw my new CANKLES! My feet were so swollen! So, I went into drinking water mode and resting, but they came back. We had to leave church early on Sunday because it was so painful to my shoes back on because they began swelling again. I went home and put my feet up and tried drinking more water but as soon as I would get up to go potty or get me something to eat, they would come back. So, today I was supposed to run some errands but I haven't even gotten dressed. I am taking the day off to rest my cankles. If I am up too long they swell a little bit but they aren't near as bad as what they were yesterday. My fingers are also swelling to the point where I can't wear my wedding ring. If I get any more excitement during this pregnancy I don't know what I will do with myself.

I found these on the internet and I had to share! He also gives a great definition and history of the cankle. You should check it out here.

Quick update - no progression has occurred. My appointment on Thursday gave no signs of giving birth any time soon. I have had contractions and cramping on and off but nothing exciting. My stomach gets bigger by the minute but I have a feeling she is in it for the long haul. One week until my due date.

Monday, June 2, 2008

"The Nursery"

Well, many people ask "Oh is the nursery all ready?" Well technically yes, if you consider two half walls a nursery. For the time being, we will be sharing our bedroom/office with our baby girl, until we move to North Dakota. I finally have everything pretty much in place and ready to go. I like how everything turned out considering the space I had to work with. I can't wait for her to have her own room so I can really decorate.
Here is her "crib"
This is her first half wall. She fits nicely between the bedroom door and the closet door.

The other half wall between the closet door and the office. It has been so much fun putting up her decorations! Pink is so much fun!

False Freakin' Alarm

So, after hearing about my supposed progress I felt very "nesty." So, I cleaned all day Friday. I somehow found all of this energy! We also walked around Academy that evening trying to help further my progress. Well, Saturday came and I felt the same nesting instinct, so I continued to clean and organize anything that was left, which by now isn't much. We also went to Jon's parents, and hung out for awhile. Well at about 5:45pm, I began feeling contractions. They came very regular at 4-5 minutes apart for about an hour. It seemed that they would continue to get worse, so I told Jon, I think this is it. Also, all through the night, I was very crampy with each cramp coming at about 10-15 minutes apart. And I had been cramping while at my in laws house earlier that day. Anyway, we get in the car and make the 30 minute trip to Baylor. I called my mom to let her know and she was on her way.

We get to the hospital at about 7pm. They get me checked in to what I call "The Loser's Waiting Area" aka Triage. They check you in, get all of your info and then finally they actually check your progress. The nurse said that my doctor was generous in giving me a 2 because she said I was only a 1 but I had progressed to 90% effaced. Although, I was very tense every time she checked me because she was not of the gentle nature at all. SO, she makes me wait 2 hours to see if I progress at all. All the while I am having contractions that our now about 1 to 3 minutes apart. My mom arrives about 15 minutes before they check me the last time. The contractions are intense but apparently not intense enough because they sent me home at 10pm. The nurse gives me all of my forms and informs that I could come back in 5 hours or in a week and could potentially have contractions during this whole time. I ask when I should really come back and she proceeded to give me a very lively 5 minute presentation of what my face and body will look like when I am having a bad contraction and informs me that when I feel or look like this I can come back.

So with some disappointment and relief I walked to the car feeling like my tail was between my legs and stopped by Sonic on the way home for a much needed dinner and dessert! (Thanks Mom). My mom stayed the night since we were not sure of what could end up happening. Well, as you can tell nothing happened. As soon as we got home, my contractions went away and I slept all night long. I feel really bad because my mom drove an hour and thirty minutes and stayed all day Sunday (which was very boring because there isn't much to do on a Sunday) for nothing. I guess it was a good dry run but still.

I was feeling very down and depressed most of yesterday. I think I am was just stressed out because I want her to come so badly not just because I am miserable but because her grandparents and doctor will be out of town next week. So I either deliver this week or try and keep her in until after her due date. But thanks to our wonderful Heavenly Father and his amazing willingness to allow the Priesthood on earth, I was able to receive a blessing that didn't tell me much but gave me an amazing sense of comfort. I feel no more stress and will just continue going about life as if I was 7 months pregnant and will just wait until our baby girl decides when she is ready to come, no matter when that will be.

But through all of this, I got a really cool cup! You may think I am being sarcastic but I have been wanting to get a cup with a straw in it for awhile.